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Multi-Productions, LLC is private full-service photography and videography studio located in Coral Springs. Focused on creating digital media of the highest quality. We represent a broad array of talent and experience, specializing in green screen, photography and videography. Our company uses the highest quality video, technologies, and talent available.

Brand-building benefits regarding video are supreme for various forums; as well, useful for demonstrations on merchandise, including methods to accomplish different processes, and comprising valuable sources that assist in living up to the commitments of cost and aid of your brand to prospects and consumers.

Multi-production's private full-service photography and videography studio, we provide the audience with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a modern production experience of meaningful action few people get to experience in person.

Today's world is omnipresent with cameras and computers these days; it’s easy to overlook that the very first action films were, themselves, initially a unique pattern. The beginning introduction to green screen effects took the origin of the film-making journey around about the 19th century with one of the world’s first prolific filmmakers – a man who spent his life studying the art of illusion – Georges Méliès.

"In his 1898 film, Four Heads are better than one, (Un Homme De Tête) Méliès employs a visual trick that is the rudimentary beginnings of what we now think of as green screen compositing. The use of mattes for multiple exposures."

Our private full-service photography and videography studio takes pride and pleasure in providing a friendly, professional experience and we have a genuine appreciation for our clients.